Friday, September 10, 2010


This blog is a joke. Sort of. It represents over twenty years of experience in the dating world (I'm 37 now, started dating approximately when I was 16, carry the 4, divide by pi...), most of which was spent with me being the “nice guy.” Suffice to say, I trusted too much what women had to say. I was the guy who listened when women said “I want a sensitive guy with a sense of humor.” As a result, I often ended up in what has been deemed by popular culture as “the friend zone.”

In some ways, this was not a bad thing; in fact, I would say I am glad that I made the choices I did. They brought me to where I am now (about to marry a ridiculously attractive woman who is incredibly intelligent, as well. Yay me!). However, my experiences have given me great insight into what women want – and, quite possibly more important, what they do not want.

This blog, in its essence, is more about a realistic view of dating today than it is just a guide for the nice guy. Or, more importantly, it is a tour of the dating world that you won't see in print; what the “experts” won't talk about because it goes against their PC nature.

In other words, this blog is about ugly; it is to show the ugly side of dating because what has been shown in the media over the last two decades – and subsequently acted out by devout followers of said media – fails to capture much of what makes men and women tick. Sure, you see what people consider ugly on popular television shows – cheating, backstabbing, lying, etc. – but what is not shown are the things people don't want to talk about because it is, figuratively speaking, a giant slap in the face to the last 30-plus years of women's rights movements.

OK, if you're a woman and your blood is starting to boil and you're ready to close this window down and storm out of the room, stop. Take a moment, breathe deep, and keep reading. I'm not here to bash women; on the contrary, I am here to set the record straight for their benefit, as well. You see, the lies we have all been led to believe don't just hurt the guys, they impede the progress of women who want to be treated with respect.

Take note of the fact that I did not use the word equal at the end of that last sentence. It was intentional. Does that sound chauvinistic? Arrogant? If so, this blog is for you, and it would do you good to keep reading. Preferably after sending me a check, because not doing so isn't helping me pay any bills. But I digress.

What this blog is not:

This blog is not boring. Love it, hate it, burn it, or praise it, you won't be bored. I swear. If you don't believe me, look it up. I'm pretty sure it's physically impossible to find it boring. Something to do with science and physics and quantum something-or-other.

What this blog is:

A ridiculously accurate look at men and women, and how women everywhere are ignoring the nice guy and nice guys everywhere are stupid enough to let them do it. This blog is not faulting solely men or women; it is an indictment of how the sexes interact (or fail to, on so many occasions). We as a society have allowed cultural bias and politically correct nonsensical babble to ruin what we, deep down, know to be true – that there are, in fact, inherent differences between men and women. And, not only that there are differences, but that there are similarities which, if left ignored, do untold damage to how we view the opposite sex.

What this blog also is:

It is a way for the nice guy to get in the pants of that hottie. I'm not going to lie to you, if I didn't have a theme like that, nobody would read it.

But also it is a chance for us to laugh not only at the ridiculousness that passes itself off as “knowledge” these days regarding dating (Cosmopolitan Magazine, I'm looking in your direction), but at ourselves, as well. We have reached a point in our culture where everyone is an expert, yet no one addresses the cold, hard reality that we are, in fact, all really stupid about dating. Well except for me. I'm not stupid, I'm writing this blog. How can a guy who writes a blog with fancy books in the background be stupid?


  1. I'm just intrigued by the fact that you appear to have read Cosmopolitan.

    If you have, indeed, willingly read Cosmo, that means that your final statement is invalid, and you are, indeed, terribly stupid.

  2. Oh heck no. I can't read. I just look at the pretty airbrushed pictures.

  3. When Mr. Twisted reads Cosmo, it's called research :-)